Photography pricing got you down?

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Chris' great download will help your define how to set your prices as you build your business.


I'm Dorie Howell

I believe that photographers NEED to trust themselves to run their own businesses.  They NEED to be able to be innovative and creative AND build great businesses in the process.  

My ultimate goal as a coach and educator is to give you enough knowledge and support so that someday you won't need me any more.  I know you don't hear that too often, we are used to hearing educators have multi leveled options for ALL kinds.  I can't serve everyone but BUT . . . I know I can help struggling photographers streamline their business to become more lucrative and rewarding. 

If you need some of that in your business, I can help! 

"What I love most about working with Dorie is that she is not trying to fit me into a box. She is working with me exactly where I am, within my goals and pushing me appropriately outside of my comfort zone without trying to change who I am or what I do. Her coaching is not one size fits all but unique to each client. She is easy to talk to and relatable."

- Blaire