Hi!  My name is Dorie


I work with photographers to help them build the business that they want to have, not what I "THINK" they should have. 

You don't need a cookie cutter approach to building your business.  You are unique and your business should be too!

If you feel stuck and aren't too sure what the next step in your business should be, I can help!

Become the leading photographer in your area by creating a business that serves your clients well and gives you the freedom you deserve.

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Can I let you in on a couple of little secrets?

I believe business should be fun and exciting!  That serving clients should be easy.  I believe making enough money to serve your family should be just as fulfilling as watching your kids grow.  

I also believe business, just like life, comes with a good share of ups and downs and that those ups and downs work in harmony to form something beautiful that you can be proud of. 

Harmony Hangout is a place where you can come to get the support you need in your business.   A place to get help navigating those ups and downs.  A place without judgment no matter what business model you use in your photography business, how many sessions you want, or how much money you want to make.  

YOU deserve to pursue the business of YOUR dreams on YOUR terms. 

Our industry is really good at telling us what we "should" do but I am here to ask you, "What do YOU want?"  Let's get to the  bottom of what is best for you then put a plan in place for you to crush it!  Together anything is possible!

I can't wait to get started!

Let's Work Together

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Client Testimonials

"Dorie helped me tremendously as I set up my business."

Dorie is an incredibly kind, generous, and inspiring person who loves to help others succeed! Her knowledge and expertise in IPS helped me tremendously as I set up my business.


"If you have decided to learn from Dorie, BRAVO!"

Dorie is a consummate teacher. Her enthusiasm for helping fellow photographers is second to none. When I first encountered Dorie on a different learning platform, I had some concerns about the content. Her response was swift, professional and more than anything else: kind. She is approachable, knowledgeable and has your well-being in mind at the very forefront of her thoughts and teaching. If you have decided to learn from Dorie, you’re that much closer to success. Bravo!


"Dorie helped me take my business to the next level"

I was attracted to Dorie’s unwavering confidence that she could help me reach my goals. Her coaching is like whole health for my business, from crushing the mindsets that were holding me back to evaluating where my business is at and identifying what the next steps are. The tools she gave me took my business to the next level, prepared me to grow even further and gave me the peace of mind that my business will continue to grow.


"I highly recommend Dorie as a teacher"

I met Dorie several years ago and knew right away that I wanted to ask her if she'd be willing to be my mentor. At the time, my photography business's growth had reached a plateau, and I knew I needed help. Like most artists, I was overwhelmed with everything business-related necessary to run a profitable company. All I wanted was to take beautiful portraits, and taking a hard look at my business practices was not a priority. Dorie helped me weed through the thick of it all. My business model, the way it is set up today, is mainly based on what I learned from Dorie Howell. Her intuitive and kind approach to identifying where I was at in my business and helping me grow from there was just what I needed. I highly recommend Dorie as a teacher as well as a portrait photographer.


Let's Work Together

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These are no-holds-barred sessions where we put it all out on the table, dive deep into your business, remove all of the things that are holding you back and strategize to get you moving in the right direction. We can evaluate and fix anything you want. . . website, funnel, pricing structure, marketing message, social media, anything.

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