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Finding vendors you love in our business can feel overwhelming.  There are so many to choose from you may not know where to start.  I have over a decade of experience in sourcing vendors that I trust and make my business look great.  Personally, I have ordered or seen products from almost every single vendor offering products and services to the photography community.   

This page contains a list of my tried and true favorites. 

It goes without saying that I would only recommend business partners that I know and trust.

When you click on these links we may receive a commission of some sort. This commission comes at no cost to you.  In fact, you may receive added bonuses or discounts as a result of our relationship with the vendor.  If you have questions about how this works please read the full Affiliate Disclosure Statement here



nPhoto is a professional print lab located in Poland but don’t let that scare you.  They provide beautiful productsfrom wall art to prints.  They have become my vendor of choice for products I give my clients. 

Sign up using this link and receive 75% off one product sample and a discount on future purchases.

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H&H Colorlab

H&H Colorlab is a family owned professional print lab that provides beautiful printing options for photographers. 

TRY H+H Colorlab



Simply the best IPS software that I have found.  Especially for doing remote IPS sales.  nVu allows me to create client galleries, mobile apps, and sell my art easily. I would simply be lost without it. Use these codes to receive three months free on their most popular plans.



Photographer’s Wall Display Guides

Photographer’s Wall Display Guides provide an easy and beautiful way to display images in room settings.  This allows clients to visualize their images in rooms vs. just on the computer.  I use them in my social media, on my website, and in my marketing materials.

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I can make a photo album in less than 20 minutes with this great program.  It also has IPS and wall portrait sale functionality as well.

Use the code Dorie22 for a great discount.

TRY Fundy


Image Salon

My life forever changed when I started using Image Salon as my editing company.  They can create custom profiles, take personal requests and have a turn around time that is speedy.  I will never go back to editing my own images.

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Google Suite

I run my entire business with Google Suite.  My calendar, email, online workspace, online meetings, note taking, the list goes on.  I simply would be lost without it and it is worth every penny.

Use this code to access discounts on the monthly fee: 


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I have tried many content scheduling apps and metricool lets me do EVERYTHING I need to for all my different social media channels

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In my opinion the best website options for photographers.  They handle everything from design, layout, SEO, everything when it comes to my site.

Use Code DORIE23 for a great discount off your first year

TRY Photobiz



I have used this customer management system for over 8 years.  It is how I do my invoicing, scheduling, and so much more.


TRY Pixifi



Graphic design made easy.  I’m not sure what I did before I started using Canva.  Create beautiful, professionally designed graphics in a minute.

TRY Canva



This program allows me to save my passwords, notes, credit card numbers, and other important information all in one place.  I can easily share passwords with others and revoke access with a simple click when needed.

I no longer need to remember passwords.  They are automatically filled in on my desktop, ipad, iphone, and laptop.  

TRY LastPass



This is how I schedule everything on my calendar.  I send people a link and  they can choose what works best for their schedule.  From Selection Appointments, consultations, vendor conversations, everything.  I couldn’t live without it.

TRY Calendly

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