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Dorie Howell

You are more than

a photographer!

You are a creative business owner.  

You are the CEO of your business and the creator of your destiny.  This podcast celebrates our own unique industry and the road we travel as build our business.


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Hi! My name is Dorie

One thing I love to do is talk about the photography industry.  I love discussing the current trends, having conversations with other photographers about their business, AND helping other photographers build their businesses one step at a time.  On this podcast my goal is to bring all of those things together in an entertaining and educational program that is easy to listen to AND provides the listener with valuable steps that will help them in their photography business journey.

Join me each week where I will break down one particular thing about business OR chat with another photographer who will bring an idea or some insight that will help you in your journey.

AND don't forget this podcast would not be possible without the generous contribution of nPhoto.  My favorite lab for all my photographic products that I LOVE and thrill my clients every. single. time. 


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