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Photographer, Mentor, & Entrepreneur

Get to know more about


Photographer, Mentor, & Entrepreneur

Hi Friend!!

Whew!  What a year!!  Never in a million years did I ever think that a pandemic would bring so many of us to our knees in such a short period of time.

But I have a gift of always looking at the bright side of life and when things changed on the outside of my business in 2020, I started looking for ways to pivot and adjust so that I could still come out on top. And let me tell you, I did a lot of pivoting this year. And in all of that, I realized a few things.

  • The world as we know it isn’t coming back. There is not going to be any “back to normal”. We ALL are going to have to pivot in order to remain on top of our game.

  • Pivoting is fun! It creates a freedom that we didn’t have before. Never have small creative businesses had the open door and invitation to think outside the box with their businesses. We can try and do anything right now, no one is going to question it.

  • I love helping people develop those crazy ideas and strategize them into reality. That is my superpower!! 

So if you are:

Unsure of how to run your business in this changing marketplace

Someone who is not seeing the results they want in their business

Someone who feels overwhelmed, frustrated, and underappreciated

You are totally in the right place!!! 

Let's work together to make the changes you want to see in the your business so you see the RESULTS YOU WANT!!

Send me a message below and share with me the challenges you are seeing in your business.  We can schedule a call to dive into those things and see if working together is the right solution for you. 

Business should be fulfilling and fun! Even when it is challenging. To quote my Jamaican friends,  "There are no problems mon', just situations".  No matter the situation you are facing in your business, we can sort it out together. 

Dorie is a published photographer serving the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC Metropolitan area. She loves serving her clients in all genres but specializes in  Corporate Headshots and Personal Branding Sessions.

As well as running her photography business, she has also become a top photography mentor to other photographers.  Her previous experience in the corporate world working in small professional offices taking care of everything from payroll, employee management, customer service, and sales, to running her own photography business,  then having an idea to start and run one what was once one of the largest photography education memberships in the industry, has given her the unique experience and knowledge to help creative business owners in any field.

She sold her education company in 2021 to return to her passion of helping photographers define their goals and give them the tools they need to to see success. She has worked with tens of thousands of photographers worldwide and loves seeing their businesses grow!

Dorie is a sought-after speaker, podcast guest, and teacher in the areas of marketing, social media, mindset and workflow.

She is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America and holds the

Photography Craftsman degree.

This degree that is awarded to photographers who have spent their time being a teacher and mentor to others and is dedicated to moving the photography industry forward.

Dorie's work from her private studio has been featured on the cover and inside pages of Washington Parent Magazine, Washington Family Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Women's Day Magazine and has been a featured guest on Fox 5 DC morning programs.

You can also see her daily business tips and favorite recent images on her Instagram and Facebook Accounts.