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Every once in a while Dorie Howell, Harmony Hangout, and representatives of DHLH Consulting, LLC may post links to other resources - Print Labs, Software Services, Books, Camera Gear and other products.  Some of those links may be affiliate links where DHLH Consulting may be compensated monetarily or receive free credit, services, or gear in return.

 Dorie Howell only recommends products and services that she has first hand experience with.

 If you choose to purchase from these links it won’t cost you any more than if you didn’t use the link and purchase the item directly.  BUT . . . using the coupons and codes provided may even save you money or give you extra bonuses as a result of our relationship with them.

 Now this is important.  Just because we recommend a certain vendor or product, doesn’t mean that it is the right product for you.  It is your job to do your due diligence and research to make sure that the items you choose to run your business are suitable for your needs.  We do not take any responsibility for any loss or damage that results from you using these vendors or products. 


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