This Week's Social Media Roundup!

After all the noise in the Social Media World the past couple weeks from Twitter becoming X and the release of Threads, things seemed a bit quiet this week.  It was a nice change of pace.  However, a few things did happen that you might want to keep your eyes on.


Meta announced some upgraded features to its Meta Business Suite.  This is where you can schedule posts, manage comments, and do a lot of things in a more streamlined way than hopping from profile to profile and platform to platform within the Meta family.

Meta doesn't have a great reputation when it comes to their account management apps but this looks to be something that I might look into.  If you have been around here awhile you know that I am a die hard Metricool fan.  I don't see that changing and it is the app I recommend people use to schedule content across different platforms.  But if you only are using Facebook and Instagram, the Meta Business Suite could be a great solution for you in saving some time posting your content.

For those of us who still post on LinkinIn, X, Pinterest, and Google, Metricool is still the best solution.  Check them out!

If you want to check out Meta Business Suite and see what they have to offer here is a link to some of their get started guides that are very well put together to help everyone use their platforms to their full advantage. 


 Even though new users have slowed and the future of this app is uncertain, there are still working to make the user experience better and better.  This week they rolled out:

  • You can save threads so you can easily find ones you have interacted with in the past
  • New notification control options
  • A following Feed Option

No big announcements this week from other channels but that just leads me to believe that we will see some major announcements in the next few weeks as summer ends and we head into the end of the year shopping frenzy. 




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