Common Sales Mistakes


Photographers have many responsibilities that can be hard to juggle. I think one of the biggest things I realized that I needed to do was keep up on trends when it came to sales techniques.  After all,  my client base is becoming younger as I get older and recognizing that they buy things differently than I do is something that I need to not only recognize but also, humble myself and realize that the tricks I used in the past may not be applicable today.  

With that said though, there are some fundamentals of sales that never go out of style or change with the generations.  In this video, you will see some of the mistakes that photographers make in their business.  These are great for you to recognize so you can avoid them in the future. 

Keeping up with trends in our business can be something that we fall behind on as we get older.  We think we are "Hip and Cool" then all of a sudden we are using terms like "Hip and Cool" in blog posts.    Don't let that happen to you!




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