The Importance of a Diverse Portfolio

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 "You need to respect others and communicate authentically that you aren't just going to use them as a token on your site or in your marketing."

  Join Dorie for this episode of Focal Points as she sits down with her friend, Raj Bandyopadhyay, NYC branding photographer of Series A Photography,  and listen as they discuss the importance of showing a diverse range of people in your portfolio.  Why that is so important to all business owners and what steps to take if you maybe don’t have a very diverse clientele but want to show a variety of people on your website?  In this episode, you will hear:

 Raj’s story of shifting from a Ph.D in Computer Science to a Branding Photographer

How his unique story has shaped his business 

The importance of why everyone NEEDS diversity in their portfolio

What exactly is a diverse portfolio

Several ways that you can build diversity in your portfolio


You can find Raj in these places:

Series A Photography Website

Series A Photography on Instagram

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