Don't Do This in Your Business

Are you doing things in your business that are turning people away without even realizing it?

In our town, we have a small consignment shop that has been in business forever.  It is the kind of store that looks more like a graveyard for people’s junk vs. a hiding spot for anyone’s treasure.  My husband and I walk past this store when we visit that part of town and we always wonder how they stay in business.  The reason we wonder is because of the signs they have posted in their windows.

Now, when you see those signs, what are some of the things that you think about that particular business off the top of your head?  I’m going to guess that you aren’t getting the warm and fuzzy and Classy and High-end vibes.  Am I right?

So if we transfer these signs into a lesson about our photography business, you might ask yourself, “self, do I have things that I do in my business that make people not want to do business with me. Am I giving people a reason not to contact me?”

I truly believe that you never want to put out anything in the world that would give a prospect a reason not to call you.  And that is tricky in the social climate we live in.  That pretty much means that I do not put anything on my business social media accounts, website, blog, or in speaking gigs that discusses politics, religion, vaccines, global warming, etc. . . It makes it difficult, because I do have strong opinions on all those things, but you won’t see me discuss them on my business accounts. 

I would rather put out positive, encouraging things and attract people vs. put out negative opinions that repel people.  

So, here is the question of the day.  Do you have things that you have put out into the world that are giving prospective clients a reason not to call you?  Are you repelling people before they even get a chance to find out how great you are?  Ways you could be doing that are:

  • Posting overly political opinions on your business accounts
  • Posting your studio policies too early in the process before they know you 
  • Making the  booking process too difficult
  • Not being flexible in how you communicate with clients
  • Your written words are unprofessional
  • You come across as brash and uncooperative
  • Your attitude is negative
  • Your website is more about you vs. how you can serve your clients
  • You brush off your client’s vision for their session making it all about what you want
  • You nickel and dime on fees like locations, tolls, parking, etc. . . 

The number one thing that will lead to more success for your business is being approachable, friendly, and easy to work with.    If you are not those things your business will not grow the way you want it to.  

Just something to think about.

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