Do you have good intentions?


What does it mean to be in alignment and set your intentions with your goals???

Many people throw those terms around these days but they never really expand as to what they mean.  Here is the way I see it.  When someone fully believes that they are going to be a success in business and they feel like nothing will hold them back, then all of a sudden all the decisions they make are aimed at achieving that goal.  

When we fully believe that our goals can be reached nothing can stop us. BUT, many times we lack the belief in ourselves and we start doing small little things that sabotage our success.  Do these sound familiar?

  • We are flexible in our sales method with friends and family
  • We see some success so we stop posting on social media
  • We get lax on sending out our client emails
  • We add digitals files back into our packages without a strategy because it is just easier.

Sound familiar?  

Now don't get me wrong, some of those things are ok IF they are part of the strategic plan for your company.  Offer those digital files, be flexible with your sales method.  Those things can be wonderful when needed.  The problem is when they sneak back in because of laziness and pretty soon we are not any further along than we wanted to be a few months ago.  

Building a business takes emotional and cognitive strength.  Staying on track is all a part of the strength of your intentions to achieve your goals.  If you realize that we are all prone to wondering a bit and you can spot it when it starts to happen, the easier it will be for you to stay on track!




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