The Weekly Cull 7-18-2023

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There is a lot going on in the world of Social Media these days.  Here is the latest.


So are THREADS here to stay?  What do you think?  Everyone is making a huge deal about how many people have enrolled in threads, over 100 million at this point in time, but call me skeptic.  It is easy to gain an audience quickly when the major competitor has become a dumpster fire of mismanagement and you have a client base of 2.35 BILLION people.  That means only 4.25 percent of Instagram's current client base has joined threads.  Is that win in your opinion?

 Does the THREADS lingo confuse you? Here is a link to a post that can help bring you up to speed on what some of these new terms mean.

Want a quick run down of some of the hidden things you can do on THREADS?  Check out  this post from Adam Mosseri.

FACEBOOK hit 3 billion users and is recording that young adults are starting to come back to the platform.  Something to consider if you are looking to create some marketing campaigns for people in their 20's.

Meta has released its ChatGPT competitor called Llama 2.  Why is this important?  Well if you are using AI to create written marketing material, all AI programs are not the same.  ChatGPT was the first beast on the market but others might be better to your liking as far as their output.  Play with a few of them before you choose a favorite.  Now you won't be able to use Llama as a consumer just yet BUT the release of this means that we will see even more AI apps pop up that will use it as the base of their platform.  

Still confused on how to use AI in your marketing?  Here are two great resources:

1.  My AI toolkit that covers the basics of using AI, gives examples, and also many prompts that you can use to create content for your marketing.  Get the Toolkit

2.  Check out this article by my friend Raj. I found it very interesting to hear the perspective of a techie turned photographer. 

INSTAGRAM released more, easy to use templates for using reels.  Templates can make your editing so much easier.  This blog post on their site explains how to use this time saving feature.


So after all the hype and push to get people to sign up for Twitter Blue, now Twitter will be rolling out a program that will allow people who are paying for that blue checkmark to hide it.  Why would you want to hide your checkmark?  Many people don't understand this feature but personally I like the idea of being able to control others being able to see if you are paying for certain services.


Are you listed on Apple Maps?  If not, you might want to see about getting that listing activated.  More and more people are using Apple maps over Google maps.  This means that you might want to start playing around with Apple Connect to get your business listed. 

GOOGLE announced that they are going to release a Calendly alternative.  I cannot wait for this.   I love using Calendly but it doesn't always work as well as it should because it is integrating with my Google Calendar.  If I can schedule appointments natively in the app, it should avoid some of the problems I have encountered when scheduling appointments.  I will update as this rolls out.

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