Do this in your product images!

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Let's Talk About Product Images

When you photograph your product images you have three choices: 

  1. Take a photo of someone holding the product. You see a hand, but not the person’s face.
  2. Take a portrait. The person’s face with the product.
  3. Only show the product. Without any part of the person’s body.

What option would you pick?  I am going to guess that my portrait photographers picked #2.  But guess what.  You would be wrong. Hard to believe right?

We are taught that putting faces in images will sell more things.  But according to a scientific study that covered brand images, the right answer is #1.  Use an image that shows only someone's hand. That will promote greater sales.  Here is the link to the science-y science study.

No one is probably going to read that study so here are the findings in a really basic nutshell.

  • To increase engagement, use images of customers with your product showing a face and the product.
  • To increase sales, use images of customers holding the product but leave out their face.
  • Image of a product alone is less likely to drive engagement or sales.

According to the research, seeing another person’s face holding a product makes you think that the product is taken.  BUT if you just see a hand you think, "hey, I could get that." If you see a product with no body parts (you know what I mean there) it just looks like no one owns it.  

 Interesting,  right? There are exceptions to these numbers but I think it is something we should consider.  If when you post on social media consider how you are showing your products.  Want sales, show the hands.  Want engagement, show the face.  

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