The Rise of the Robots!

Using Robots to Write Your Content?

 Say what????

If you have seen the news or are following certain people on social media, you have seen all the latest news about AI.  That stands for Artificial Intelligence.  Mark Z. has been raving about it for years saying how AI is going to revolutionize the world.  The coming of the robots to take over our jobs and livelihood is just around the corner say some.  And in some cases that may be correct. But don't panic yet!

The latest craze is this app call  This app is the fastest growing app since Facebook and it is taking over.  So much so that during normal business hours it is simply so overloaded it takes forever to get access.  It is content generator that when you ask it a question it returns with a fully formed paragraph, list of talking points, or answer that you can use in your marketing materials or business.

For example, I typed this into the program:

"What do you say when a client is unhappy with their photographs?"

It returned with this:

"I apologize that the photographs did not meet your expectations. Can you please let me know specifically what you are unhappy with so I can address the issue and make sure to improve in those areas for any future projects? I value your feedback and want to ensure that we can create photographs that you are completely satisfied with."

Not bad right? I mean, I could say that to a client if I wanted to and they would have no idea that I didn't write this statement.

This new technology is being touted as the newest and greatest for business owners and marketers. It cuts down on so much time we spend searching for the exact right word in our business. What could possibly be the problem?

At a glance there is no problem at all. The answer I received was a perfectly worded way of addressing what could be an awkward situation with a client. (And I wrote this because I am in this exact situation with a client right now, I will tell you about that on Monday.) But there are some things we need to be aware of if we choose to use this kind of technology in our business.

So how does AI work. Well according to Google, one response I received was: "AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data."

Say what?

Basically you type in a query and it pulls from repeatable patterns of words and data associated with that your question.  And as more people ask the question it learns how to be more specific and accurate with the answers. 

 The answers are retrieved through very specialized programs and algorithms that crawl the internet for the answer you are looking for.  This a key point.  The AI program is NOT making up the answers it gives you.  It is searching the internet for the answer and then combining then creating an answer out of the results. That means that the answers you get are most likely part of someone else's blog post, website, or content.   If you copy what the AI bot gives you word for word, you are probably unknowingly plagiarizing from someone else.  

That means that if you use this technology you can get dinged from Google for not providing unique and original content.  Google wants original stuff, that is one way it ranks your website.  If you are using other people's words then it won't be as likely to rank you as high as you would like in search results.  

That doesn't sound so great, does it? That is why I suggest you use it carefully. 

How do I use AI in my business?  Well in the example above I put in a question that I need to address with a current client who doesn't like their set of images we took yesterday.  I was curious to see if there was a way that I could be polite in addressing his concerns.  I like the answer the program gave me BUT it isn't really my tone.  So I am taking the idea of what the chat program gave me and modifying it to fit my specific needs for the situation.  

In a nutshell, I am using to get me started with an idea but then I am using my own words and writing style to craft a response using some of the suggestions that the bot came back with.  

What are some of the areas that you could use AI in your business?  The uses really are endless but here are a few ways that come to mind:  

  • Blog posts
  • Studio policies
  • Captions on Social Media
  • Website Copy
  • Objection Responses
  • E-mail marketing
  • The list really is endless

How do you see this kind of technology changing the game when it comes to your business?  Do you feel it will help or hinder your communication efforts with your clients?  

This was written by a real person, not a robot.  :)


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