Lessons in Sales Sabotage from My Home Remodel Project

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Yesterday I was sitting down with the salesperson who is selling us the new cabinets for our bathroom remodel that we are doing in our home.  We selected everything and then he added up the total amount.  Wow, are they expensive!!!  My husband let out an audible gasp when he saw the total.  BUT, just because they are expensive, doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to purchase them.  AND it doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to LOVE them when they are installed and we use them every day for the next 20 years.  We knew this was coming, we have prepared for the financial cost and are super excited to get this project started. 

When the salesperson saw our reaction he did something I didn’t see coming at all.  He started talking about ways we could reduce the cost of the project.  

We never said we wanted to change anything or reduce the cost but he just started throwing ideas out left and right that would shave dollars and FEATURES off my beautiful Primary Bathroom.  After a few minutes of this, I just leaned in and said, “Don’t try and downgrade my beautiful bathroom, just run the card.” 

He was sabotaging his sale.  I saw it a mile away.  

How many times do we do this with our own clients?  They show outward signs of being uncomfortable with the cost and we automatically go into downgrade mode.  Showing them ways they can spend less money.  Why?

 Well, I know you hear this a lot from me, especially if you have been a student of mine in the past, but we do this because we have fears when it comes to our clients and the transactions we enter into with them.  Now, before you come back and say, “I am not afraid in my business.'' Let me assure you that we ALL have fears that hold us back when it comes to what we do in our business.  Even those that you think have it all figured out and are incredibly successful.

  • Fear prevents us from raising prices when we know we should
  • Fear prevents us from practicing the business model we know will make us more profitable
  • Fear prevents us from sharing our dreams with our friends and family
  • Fear stops us from selling to our clients past the point of what we think they are comfortable with even when they do not indicate that the price is an issue or ask for a reduction.


  • We don’t want to be rejected for  being too expensive
  • We don't want to be rejected for not selling items that people think they want
  • We don’t want to be judged or ridiculed by others
  • We don't want clients to think that we forced anything on them or be accused of being too “salesy”

ALL of those things prevent us from reaching the true potential we have in our business.

When I am hesitant to make a decision in my life or in business, I take a second and I ask myself am I hesitant to act due to real things that could prevent it from being a success OR am I hesitant to act because I have made excuses and some fear is creeping up in my mind.

Most of the time it is fear.  Only when I recognize my hesitancy as fear can I move past it to fulfill my vision for my life and business.  

So here is the big question.  What are you scared of when it comes to your business?  Why aren't you making the moves to see the success you want?

What is popping into your mind when I ask those questions?

Are those excuses real or fear?  

You can learn HOW to do anything on Youtube (have you checked my channel yet, TONS of great videos on how to be a success as a photographer).   That is the easy part.  But saying you are afraid is true and once you learn to see that, you are one GIANT step closer to busting through it to see the results you want.

OH, what happened with my bathroom cabinets you might be asking,  I just called him and confirmed the order for the full amount and I cannot wait to see them installed in my home in a few months.  They are going to be gorgeous!!

Want more personalized help in busting through your fear?  I can help and I WANT to help you become a more confident, fearless, business owner.  Send me a message at [email protected] and tell me what you are struggling with.  Let's work through it together.  


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