What is New on Social Media for Photographers

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Last week was slow but this week wasn't.  Isn't that the way it seems to work?  So let's get into it!


Well, well, well, seems like someone at X doesn't like people clicking out of his app into one of his competitors.  X has been caught slowing down the click rates when users click out to other sites.  But it isn't all other sites and the list of the sites isn't known.  But it was documented that there was a 5 second delay in reaching outside sites like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Facebook, Instagram, Rueters, etc. . . All of the listed sites had been critical of Musk so is this a coincidence?  I'm not so sure.  According to reports much of the delays have been restored but  that is still pretty sneaky if you ask me.

The latest at X is that they are looking into and wanting to become a one stop shop for all things banking.  Would you trust X to handle things like your car loans and bank transfers?  This is a strategy that Meta has tried but the regulatory process was too convoluted and they gave up on that project last year.  Let's see if X can make this happen and if it takes off.  How could this help you?  Would you accept payments for session through X?  It could happen.


Big, HUGE News this week.  Do you have a group that you created and haven't been active in? Well, Meta wants those groups to have active moderators.  So starting this week if you have a group that you have neglected, Meta might just come in, remove you as the owner and assign it to a random member.  Yup, it is true.  Seems hard to believe that they would do that but remember you may have started your groups but they are built on someone else's real estate.  It might be time to check in on those groups, archive them if you no longer want them or assign an owner that you trust.


IG can now you can collaborate with up to three people on your account when in the past you could only collaborate with two AND you can now collaborate with private accounts.  World of caution to you private account holders (and why are you private if you are using social to try and attract clients???) if you do collaborate with a public account that content will be public.

Collaborations can be great ways to work with others who have accounts filled with people that should hire you.  So for example newborn photographers should collaborate with Doulas or 3d Ultrasound services.  Family photographers can collaborate with boutiques that sell great clothes for sessions.  Boudoir can collaborate with lingerie boutiques.  Animal photographers collaborate with grooming services.  

You can now add music to your carousel posts.  What do you think of this?  I don't always like music on my posts.  I expect it in reels but not so much on pictures or carousels.  

Those are all the highlights for this week.  Much more went on over at TikTok and other channels but from my investigation, my audience isn't using those channels for business.  If you are and want me to include them, just let me know by sending me an email at dorie at doriehowell.com.  I love to hear from you!


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